GenieClip® RST

GenieClip RST was designed as an alternative to resilient channel (RC) for isolating drywall from both ceiling and wall structures. It features a one piece molded rubber and galvanized steel body with a single hole for fastening.

This sound control clip has been designed to:

  • work straight out of the box – no on-site adjustment required
  • require only one screw to attach to either wood or metal wall studs or floor joists
  • eliminate the risk of short circuiting which reduces sound insulation performance
  • reduce assembly weight and contributes to LEED certified buildings
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Benefit of GenieClip RST for Floor/Ceiling

  • Excellent low frequency performance allows for design options in wood construction with or without the use of gypsum concrete
  • Concrete slab results with significant broadband sound reduction

Benefit of GenieClip RST for Wall Assemblies

  • Performance similar to a double stud wall, but with a substantial reduction in building materials
  • Decrease wall thickness and increase valuable floor space

Benefit of GenieClip RST for Retrofit

  • Increase IIC by 8-12 dB in floor ceiling retrofit assemblies
  • Increase STC by 12-18 dB in wall retrofit assemblies
  • Retrofit directly to existing ceiling or wall
  • Greater STC than other popular retrofit solutions
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An innovative, affordable, and reliable tool for reducing sound transmission through walls and ceilings. See how you can improve noise control and reduce material costs on your upcoming projects.