GenieMat® FIS

GenieMat FIS (Flanking Isolation System) acts like permanently resilient gaskets used to reduce sound and vibration transfer through building structures. GenieMat FIS can be used for wood and steel framing, or for concrete block or pour.

GenieMat FIS is manufactured with re-claimed rubber and is formulated with high damping polymers making it a “green” product for LEED projects. The GenieMat FIS is manufactured to carefully controlled density standards for trusted, long term service.

GenieMat FIS is impervious to water, most chemicals, and temperature change. GenieMat FIS will not rot or support mold.

GenieMat FIS can be installed with mechanical fasteners, polyurethane based construction adhesives, or a variety of thin-sets and mortars. GenieMat FIS anchor washers are available.

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GenieMat FIS

The GenieMat FIS is a flanking isolation system that consists of a fastener isolation bushing and a resilient isolation pad that work together to reduce flanking sound transmission from the building structure through a partition wall assembly. Both components are made primarily from 94% recycled rubber.

Used in conjunction with wood, steel and concrete block partition walls to isolate both top and bottom sill plates.

  • Available Thicknesses: nom. 5 mm; nom. 10 mm
  • Available Widths: 83 mm; 40 mm;  (custom widths available)
  • Roll Lengths:9.14 m for 5 mm and 14.57m for 10mm
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