Sound Control Underlayment

GenieMat® RST

GenieMat RST is an acoustic underlayment for floors. It is made from 94% recycled rubber content and can be used directly under tile, vinyl plank/ tiles and wood flooring. In fact it can be used under any hard surface floor finish in concrete and wood frame construction.

It is used when superior sound control is required in multi-family housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings and protects ceramic tile, porcelain, and stone from substrate cracks.

GenieMat RST acoustic underlayment engineered for direct adhered floor coverings such as tile, stone, wood, and vinyl floor coverings.

GenieMat® FFNP

GenieMat FFNP is non profiled resilient underlayment that is used
directly under screed in concrete, steel and wood construction, yielding
exceptional results for impact sound insulation.
Engineered reduced sound transmission underlay made from 94%
recycled rubber content used when sound control is required in
residential, education, hospitality, commercial, and healthcare buildings

GenieMat® FF
  • Continuous underlayment system that limits surface area contact down to 4% at 2 psi.
  • Achieves low natural frequency with systems available as low as 6 Hz.
  • Can be safely loaded over a wide range up to 1450 psi.
  • Composed of 92% recycled rubber content.
  • Qualifies for LEED® points.
  • Mold, bacteria, fungi, and water resistant.
  • Penetrations for pipes, ductwork, electrical conduits, and drains are possible.
  • Rolls out quickly and is easy to install without the need for adhesive.
  • Can be used directly under gypsum, lightweight, or normal weight concrete with no plywood formwork required.